#YesToJustice Student Campaign


The American NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court (AMICC)  is launching the #YesToJustice Campaign, a student-led initiative to increase calls for US support for the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the grassroots level. In our current political climate, AMICC’s advocacy depends on American public support for the Court. Fortunately, 72% of Americans - from all partisan and candidate preferences - agreed that the United States should support and participate in the Rome Statute according to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll from fall 2016. This support needs to be mobilized into action, and we need your help. Say #YesToJustice in your universities and local communities: adopt the campaign as a part of a student group, apply to be an AMICC student writer or researcher, and use social media. 





AMICC is recruiting students to adopt the #YesToJustice Campaign by forming a committee to advocate for US support of the ICC. Such a committee could operate as a sub-committee of an existing student group or a new student group.

The campaign is divided into five phases. The strategy we developed includes building up support for improved US-ICC relations and dispelling myths about the ICC through documentary screenings, speakers, tabling, letters to the editors, editorials, and events. Groups working on the campaign follow by mobilizing support from their community via petitions, resolutions from respectable local bodies, polling, post-card activism, and direct lobbying, among other strategies.

If you are interested in adopting the #YesToJustice Campaign, email amicc@amicc.org, and read our Phase 1: Adopting the Campaign Guide.






Our AMICC Student Researchers conduct independent research, polling or other surveys in their local community about the ICC and US engagement with the ICC. Those interested can send an email to amicc@amicc.org and jwashburn@amicc.org with a letter of intent and a letter from a faculty member able to supervise the research. 



Our AMICC Student Writers either ask their local newspaper or university paper for a column to write about the ICC and related issues or write letters to the editors of their local newspaper and university, incorporating the ICC. AMICC can provide assistance to these students regarding information, quotes, brainstorming, and editing. Those interested can send an email to amicc @amicc.org and jwashburn@amicc.org with a letter of intent and a writing sample.


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