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Our current administration: a time of uncertainty in uncharted waters. The need for advocacy only becomes even more vital. 


The Trump administration has yet to directly confront the subject of the US-ICC relationship, except for the Draft Executive Order that wanted to establish a committee to consider cutting funding. Not only does the US not fund the ICC in the first place, funding the Court is expressly illegal under the American Service Members Protection Act. Unclear whether this is symbol of hostility toward the Court, or a reflection of ignorance about both the Court and related American law.

This page will be updated as Trump's presidency progresses and his approach to the ICC takes shape.  For now, head to our blog and check out our post on what Trump's presidency could mean for the US-ICC partnership! 


Some indicators of a Trump position:

  • Draft executive order that would cut funding to the ICC

  • Sean Spicer's comment that there is a court that prosecutes war crimes

  • Support for the ICC's work in Libya was vocalized by the US representative at the UN


Trump Administration

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