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Genocide; 2003 (ammended by Genocide Accountability Act in 2007)

House of Representatives; December 05, 2007

S.888; Genocide; January 4, 2007

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War Crimes

Criminal offenses...; Arrest and Commitment; Delivery to authorities of foreign countries; Limitation on renewal; Initial proceedings; Regulations; Definitions

S. 2135; Public Law; January 3, 2008

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Destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities (Crimes Against Humanity: Deportation, Murder)

Destruction of motor vehicles or motor vehicle facilities (Crimes Against Humanity: Murder)

Violence at International Airports (Crimes Against Humanity: Murdert)

deprivation of rights under color of law (Crimes against Humanity: Enslavement, Extermination, imprisonment)

Protection of foreign officials, official guests and internationally protected persons (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Influencing, impeding or reatliating against a Federal official by threatening or injuring a family member (Crimes against humanity: murder)

(Crimes against humanity: murder)

Threadts and extortion against foreign officials, offical guests or internationally protected persons (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Murder (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Protection of Federal employees (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Murder or manslaughter of foreign official, offical guests or internationally protected persons (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Foreign Murder of United States nationals (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Kidnapping (Crimes Against Humanity: Deportation, Imprisonment)

Hostage Taking (Crimes against humanity: murder)

Peonage; obstructing enforcement (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

Vessels for slave trade (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

Enticement into slave trade (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

sale into involuntary servitude (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

seizure, detention, transportation or sale of slaves(Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

service on vessels in slave trade (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

Possession of slaves aboard vessel (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

Transportation of slaves from United States (Crimes against Humanity Enslavement)

Criminal Penalties-Homicide, attempt or consipiracy with respect to homicide (Crimes against Humanity: Murder)

Definitions (Crimes against Humanity: Torture)

Transportation generally (Crimes against Humanity: Rape; Sexual slavery; enforced prostitution, Forced Pregnancy...)