AMICC members must be national organizations who have an existing ICC program or who desire to incorporate support for the Court into their overall agenda, and who also wish to work collectively with other organizations in creating nationwide and local campaigns for full US participation in the ICC. Members should have established a formal commitment to the Court.


Participation as an AMICC member does not require a financial contribution, but is instead based on a dedication to the Coalition's campaign for full United States participation in the ICC, including:

  • Immediate US moral, logistical, and financial support for the Court; and

  • The soonest possible ratification of the Rome Statute by the US.


The requirement for joining AMICC is that the organization be a genuine NGO and committed to the achievement of an ever stronger, closer and more extensive relationship between the US and the Court leading eventually to the US ratification of the Court's Rome Statute. This commitment and the desire to join AMICC must be conveyed in a formal communication to AMICC as the rules of the organization require for this kind of commitment, such as a letter from a senior official or a resolution by a governing body.


For more information about becoming a member, please contact us . 



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