Local Alliances

AMICC encourages the formation of local ICC alliances of NGOs and activists around the United States. Some are statewide, and some are focused on cities or localities. They consist of interested local organizations and individuals together with local affiliates of AMICC's nationwide members.


The general purposes of an alliance are to:

  • inform and arouse public opinion so that it drives political action to achieve close cooperation between the US and the ICC; and

  • encourage support by the United States for the ICC and the earliest possible ratification of its Rome Statute.



The formation of an alliance begins with the identification of a person willing to organize and lead it who is supported by an organization committed to the ICC. This identification is usually confirmed in a visit to the area by AMICC's secretariat.

After the leader has found interested prospective alliance members, the next step is a meeting to organize and start the alliance. A member of the AMICC secretariat often comes out again to help launch these meetings, meet with prospective members, talk to editorial boards, appear on radio programs, make speeches and presentations, and do anything else that the alliance leader thinks will help arouse local interest and commitment toward the creation of an active and effective alliance.

While AMICC is unable to provide direct financial support to alliances, it supplies alliance leaders with informational and educational resources, advice, networking and a wide range of materials.


Specific priority alliance activities include integration of the ICC as an integral part of the regular programs and activities of alliance members; special pro-ICC collective events and activities among alliance members; polling; regular and constant contact with Congressmen and Senators and their local offices; and work with the media, schools, and institutions of higher learning.

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