Local Advocacy


  • Educate the public and members of local government through the organization of public discussions, the distribution of fliers, demonstrations and meetings of local organizations

  • Obtain local resolutions in support of the ICC

  • Act to counter misunderstandings or misinformation in public discussions and media statements through media contacts and education campaigns on school campuses

  • Conduct polling of local districts, for example by students in the political science departments of local universities, in forms compatible with national polls

  • Work with local congressional and state legislative offices, meeting with Representatives and Senators about the ICC and its cases

  • Integrate the ICC into the existing programs of alliance members


  • Encourage religious celebrations of the ICC in connection with the Faith and Ethics Network for the ICC

  • Organize local ICC events on days of remembrance and celebration, including:

    • January 27 Holocaust Remembrance Day (UN)

    • March 8 International Women's Day. Publicize the contribution the ICC has made to progressively defining and punishing sexual and gender-based violence. For materials on this topic, visit the website of the Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice or download their factsheets:

      • Women and the ICC

      • Treatment of Sexual Violence in International Law

      • Gender Mainstreaming in the ICC Statute

      • Road to the ICC and Gender Integration in International Law

      • Definitions of Crimes of Sexual Violence in the ICC

    • April 6 Anniversary of start of Rwandan genocide

    • April 17 Anniversary of takeover by Khmer Rouge, beginning Cambodian genocide

    • April 18 Holocaust Remembrance Day (US)

    • June 4 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

    • July 17 International Justice Day

    • August 9 International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

    • Third Tuesday of September International Day of Peace

    • October 24 United Nations Day

    • November 20 Universal Children's Day

    • December 10 Human Rights Day


Please tell us about your events so that we can publicize them on our Event Calendar.

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