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AMICC announces the publication of a book on the creation of the ICC co-authored by its convener

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AMICC Attends Assembly of States Parties Meeting

Assembly of States Parties © International Criminal Court

An AMICC delegation attended the November 20-27 session of the Court's Assembly of States Parties (ASP). The meeting approved a budget which will, although only just, keep the Court running adequately and preserve due process in its trials and prosecutions. On the other issues which are especially important to AMICC's advocacy for the Court, the ASP finally approved an effective Independent Oversight Mechanism (IOM), thoughtfully supported the Court's efforts to work out the logistics and standards for victims' participation in its work, did its limited best for better enforcement of the ICC's arrest warrants and other orders and defined the Court's deference and help to national courts in a way that urged on the practice and principle ("complementarity") while recognizing the limitations on the Court's resources and the other priorities in its mandate. A very troubling outcome was amendments to the Rules of Procedure and Evidence which authorized requests to the judges to approve defendants' absences from their trials in particular but broad circumstances. These included special accommodation for heads of state or government. These amendments resulted from a campaign by African countries urged on by Kenya in response to the ICC's prosecution of its president and vice-president.

More information on the session is available here.



New book by AMICC convener

Benedetti, Fanny; Bonneau, Karine; Washburn, John. Negotiating the International Criminal Court, New York to Rome, 1994-1998. Martinus Lijhoff, Leiden. 2013.

The story of the United Nations negotiations which produced, against all odds and expectations, the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. It offers drama, suspense, clashes of powers and personalities, the new influence of civil society and a sudden leap into the future for international law.

International Criminal Court

Benjamin Netanyahu, Barak Obama and Mahmoud Abbas Left to right: Benjamin Netanyahu, Barak Obama and Mahmoud Abbas at the White House in 2010. Photo Credit: Reuters

While efforts are being made to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the international community speculates as to whether or not the conflict will come before the ICC. In a new paper for AMICC, Maryne Rodot explores the two main scenarios that could lead the Court to build cases involving Palestinian and Israeli individuals: either as a result of the recent referral by Comoros, or through a referral of the situation to the ICC by Palestine. Read Maryne Rondot’s analysis, The ICC and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (August 13, 2013, PDF).

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US-ICC | A New Alliance

Ellen Kennedy

AMICC warmly welcomes a new alliance. It is based in Saint Paul, Minnnesota which with Minneapolis forms the Twin Cities urban area, one of the largest in the Middle West. This is the home of several NGOs with international programs devoted to human rights, the resolution of conflicts and services to their survivors. We are delighted that Ellen Kennedy, the executive director of one of these, World Without Genocide, will be the alliance leader. World Without Genocide is based at the William Mitchell College of Law where she is a professor. As a well-known activist and educator with wide connections in the Twin Cities and internationally, Professor Kennedy is an ideal leader for our newest alliance. Our Convener will go in early September to Saint Paul to join in a strong start of events and consultations for the alliance.

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